How we work

We offer you

You need: specialist skills or operational advice, but you don't know how to finance them !

– You are : business creator, cooperative or association

You need: specialist skills or operational advice, but you don’t know how to finance them

We propose (after having studied your dossier): to put at your disposal, for two hours, a day, a week or more, highly qualified people to meet your needs. You will finance these services when you have the means to pay our employees.

– You are: a small and medium enterprise, cooperative or association in activity

You are faced with real problems but you have neither the skills nor the foresight to modernize yourself? Do you need a change in order to revive your structure? We accompany you in this change!

We propose (after studying your dossier): to put at your disposal, for two hours, a day, a week or more, highly qualified people to meet your needs. You will finance these services when you have the means to pay our employees.

Put your imagination to the test to realize your project

Imagination is based on the ability to free oneself, consciously or unconsciously, from the real world, to build new images. It is an evolving process, which allows you to glimpse the relevance ?of imagination in the development of your project, of your ideas. Turn your ideas from dream to reality?! An idea is a new and adapted solution to the problem of the interlocutor (something that solves his problem in an unexpected way, something effective that he had not thought about or had not considered). The idea exists only if expressed, otherwise it remains part of a mental elaboration (close to consciousness). Faced with your « difficulties » or the observation of your « limits » in the process of realization or change process of your project, the best way to get out of this impasse is to get off the beaten track!

Our work is of this nature and complexity: helping you by giving you advice on how to start again, proposing an imaginative and operational capacity necessary for the concrete realization of your project.

How do we work ? Our proposition

We are a non-profit association and have built a network of experts with diverse backgrounds in business, consulting and academic research. These experts have chosen to devote part of their time, without immediate remuneration, to helping project managers. This approach allows us to offer you fundamental assistance in the development phase of your business. In fact, you will fund these services within 6 months of their completion, when you are able to do so.

Here is our method in detail

Our approach begins after analyzing your structure, the credibility of your project, your potential and the situation of your business sector. Based on the results of this survey, we will propose an approach and concrete action adapted to your needs and the conditions of our remuneration.

We study all the requests we receive and respond quickly! The study of your file will be carried out quickly, not in a bureaucratic way, always with the spirit of enhancing your action and discovering if there is innovation and/or invention of new approaches and/or new ideas to develop and exploit them better. An idea is a new and appropriate solution to the problem we face; the idea only exists if it is clearly expressed and our task is to help you conceive it in concrete terms.

We help you (through consulting and/or training) to get to know new tools and practices such as « creativity », which allows an individual, a company or an association to build a new perception, to be an agent of change rather than a victim of it is above all about the enhancement of one’s personality and experience that must be highlighted in order to find viable solutions for one’s projects!

Our task is to provide you with the energy you need to relaunch your structure and, at the same time, to give you food for thought in order to avoid negative processes that may lead you to self-exploitation or investments that are the wrong size or too small to have viable economic results.

We help you to become explorers: explorers of new expressive and creative spaces; explorers of new social and imaginative practices; explorers of new concepts and technologies.

We accompany you in the « experimental method » which consists in verifying the validity of a hypothesis through repeated experiments, obtaining new qualitative or quantitative data conforming or not to the hypothesis of your project.

We help you to pool skills and develop networks to share work tools and know-how. We are at the forefront of new technologies, especially in the digital field.

We help you to discover new outlets and new markets in Italy and Europe. We help you take your first steps in exploration in Europe and make you known all over the world. We help you to develop an intelligent communication through websites and to make you known on social networks, offering, if necessary, communication in different foreign languages.

We help you to discover new players in the financing of your projects, for example: participatory financing or « crowdfunding », which connects people to each other, this allowing a financial relationship based on criteria other than just the search for profit. It is up to you to propose to people the types of financing you want to use to realize your project: loans, shares, donations, prizes.

Mistakes are a source of learning, experience

It is said that a company is in « bankruptcy » when its liabilities exceed its assets, in other words when the available assets are not sufficient to cover current expenses. Have you experienced this situation? In our opinion, having experienced this situation is a personal enrichment and not a failure, because it should be seen as a source of learning and understanding on how to start again. Mistakes are a source of learning, experience and help to move forward. To carry on new and complex economic and social processes, you spend time making mistakes, closing your business, then you get up and start over. For us, a path without failure is uninteresting because it is synonymous with little experience and knowledge.

Our headquarters is in Paris – France.