Présentation de l’activité Photographe  « food photography » Maurizio Lodi has been running Ubik photography studio in Milan since 1987.

Over the years ‘s been specializing in food photography.

  • Dénomination Sociale : UBIK
  • Site Web
  • Ville : Milan
  • Code Postal : 20135
  • Pays : Italie

On assignement Ubik started on illustrated books, cuisine magazines and later advertising, packaging and web.Tablets in the near future.

The studio also produces still life and portrait for different customers, exhibitions and events.

Ubik is located in the center of Milan, Italy, and has 130 square meters of available for shooting, digital files retouching and post production stations, kitchen and storage of props and scenery materials.

We are fully equipped for both analog aand digital technology, up to large format, and files are delivered to a dedicated ftp server.

Retouching and post production are treated internally.

Ubik has chosen to work with the best professionals home economists, food stylists, mock-up artists and art buyers

We ‘ve been contributing for many years in archive and published on its « Food » collection.